domingo, 15 de fevereiro de 2009


Do you remember what you said,
Your promise so sweet?
'Cause now it makes no sense at all...
You're making me sick.

What's happening here,
My dream turned into a nightmare
And I know you won't hear...
Your game is not fair.

Will you fear me?
'Cause I'm waking up
And I won't let you take me,
I'm waking up
And I'll find you.

Are you already hidden?
You'll need more than your lies
To save your face from my eyes
You'll come down this time.

Come to me,
Let me show you what you did
Now it's my time
And I won't think twice
Before dividing your world.

Jejels, 15/02/2009.

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Phillipe disse...

Massa!!! Essa vai virar música também?