domingo, 3 de maio de 2009

River flows in you

In my mind
I find you,
In my heart I will guide you
And i go to the dawn
To search like a bird.

In your dreams
My love is powerful,
It's true.
I don't waste time
With lies and
I live my life.

Cause I love you,
I need you
And the river flows in you,
I guide you
Through the darkness
All the time

And all the tears
Make a river and
The river flows in you
And my hand
Is the sun,
All my time
I give to you.

Two eyes, two hands
One heart, one love
In your fears
You believe,
In our love, I believe
And my heart is yours.

In the end

When the eyes close
I want to be
The rain
And you,
You are
The river.

My love is
And the rain makes it true
All the time, every second
In my life.

If love can cure,
Can't cure my heart without you;
Walk with me
For all the time,

Christian Oncken, 30/04/2009.

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