sexta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2009


I believed life would shine for me
With all the happiness I had dreamed with,
But now I see
The same time that builds
Is able to destroy everything.

I believed we could live forever
In our wonderful fairy tale world,
But now I see
The same hero’s sword
Is able to hit my heart.

I believed we could do anything
With the strength of our hope,
But now I see
The same glorious sky above
Seems to be in ruins.

I believed death was only a nightmare
That frightened us in the mysterious night,
But now I see
The same miles-away-death
Is knocking on my door tonight.

My faith is drowning in my tears
And my hope’s crawling for my fears,
My soul’s being tortured by the night
For I’m sure
The dark knight will come
To close my eyes.

Jejels, 07/08/2009.

Um comentário:

Marina disse...

q poema triste!Mais eu gostei. ^^

Só q se vc escreveu isso querendo dizer q sua vida eh assim, eu te bato!