terça-feira, 27 de outubro de 2015

Dear Time

Dear Time,
I swear tonight will be the last time
That I will bother you to ask
To stop or make my day last.

Dear Time,
I know he's not and will never be mine,
But please hear my wish tonight
Let his embrace still hold me tight.

Dear Time,
I can't forget the colours of his eyes
Looking at mine softly
His look is still so lovely.

Dear Time,
I promise I'll be fine (or at least, I'll try),
But let me keep this moment
His kiss should last a little longer.

Dear Time,
I know some day you'll pass us by
And all of this will be a memory,
But please, have you got no mercy?

Dear Time,
I'll make all this a song
So once it's over and he's gone
I'll still listen to his eyes,
Those pretty sunshine eyes
And his heartbeats,
His smile and fingerprints

Whispering for me this lullaby...
'Cause I know someday
There will be no other way
But to say goodbye.

Jejels, 26/10/2015.

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